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Blow out the fog and draw in the knowledge

Blow out the fog and draw in the knowledge


There were virtually no marketing automation systems in use when American historian Daniel J. Boorstin told us

“Technology is so much fun but we can drown in technology. The fog of information can drive out knowledge.”

Today’s marketers are drowning in technology. There is a platform for creating and sending emails, another one for social media, yet another one or two for online content management. The list goes on. In fact 50% of Enterprise marketing teams use multiple automation systems. It isn’t surprising then that 85% of them don’t feel they are using these systems to their full potential.

These statistics are all very interesting – but what do they actually mean in practice?

We asked a group of Enterprise marketers – all using marketing automation systems – three simple questions that revealed some very interesting answers. Read more AboutBlow out the fog and draw in the knowledge

Stop playing Russian roulette with your products

Stop playing Russian roulette with your products

stop-playing-russian-roulette-with-your-productsIn a world where over 80% of buyers educate themselves about suppliers’ products and services online, nine out of every ten Product Managers believe that buyers do not have access to correct and current information[1].

In other words most suppliers today “educate” prospects with out-of-date, incorrect and erroneously duplicated information.

It’s not intentional. Suppliers want to provide the best information but managing distributed content is complicated and expensive. Most marketers and product managers lose control over their content once it goes online or is distributed to resellers.

Although understandable, this status quo is unacceptable to buyers. Whilst researching the problems they want to solve, prospects consult supplier websites, LinkedIn company pages, trade publications, blog posts, white papers and user forums. Suppliers with contradictory information across these platforms are becoming increasingly less likely to be trusted and shortlisted. Read more AboutStop playing Russian roulette with your products

Be careful what marketing you automate…it might cost you your sales

Be careful what marketing you automate…it might cost you your sales

Automation is the new black for B2B marketers. It offers the promise of better engaged customers, more intelligent delivery of content to prospects, more pre-qualified leads and scale.
This outward Nirvana is not all that it appears to be. Here are a few sobering facts;

  • Three out of five marketing automation programmes fail,
  • Only 8% of B2B marketers use automation to nurture relationships with existing customers,
  • Most automated marketing fails between the sales stages of awareness and purchase; this is widely attributed to lack of content.

The situation is complicated even more by the fact that half of the B2B companies that have adopted marketing automation use more than one system. With over 200 systems to choose from and no single one that covers all marketing channels perhaps this isn’t so surprising.

Industry pundits comment extensively about the need for clean data, high quality content and a great plan to make marketing automation work. Several high profile experts have gone as far as saying that lack of these key ingredients means that most businesses aren’t ready for marketing automation yet. They might be right, especially when you consider that 85% of B2B marketers don’t feel they are using their automation platforms to their full potential. Read more AboutBe careful what marketing you automate…it might cost you your sales