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Free eBook – A marketer’s guide to automating the distribution of digital collateral.

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Content is the “new face of marketing” for B2B marketers driving leads into the business, but of course content is not just for lead generation.  There is far more.

Marketing is usually the hub of an organisation’s whole go-to-market process and information must support customer relationships at every touch point and all product functions from inception to retirement.

The more complex your products and services, the more content you’ll have of all types from documents to images and videos. Add the need to execute campaigns more quickly, with shorter product life-cycles and support for mobile sales teams, product managers, partners and customer services.

Now, keeping any kind of unified control over what content and messages are used becomes even more of a headache. It consumes resources and budgets and few marketers want to spend endless time on the admin tasks of managing information and responding to demands from other departments; time that could be better spent on strategic work or campaigns.

That’s the enterprise story – but it’s happening to smaller businesses too and they may not have access to the resources or technical skills to deal with it.

Automation of digital content management and distribution is the obvious answer.

This free ebook looks at ways you can leverage some new and some established technologies and processes to achieve the automation that will free up resources and transform your ability to respond with the right content at the right time and place, quickly and at the lowest cost.

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