Who’s counting file downloads?

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How popular are your files?

As the owner of a file about your products or services there are many ways to put the file out in the public domain for others to view and download.

If you want to see how many times your file has been downloaded or shared your options start to narrow quickly.

What has prompted to me write this is reading an account on how to use third party tools and plugins to (almost) add the capability to a well known file sharing application …. and, OK I admit to being partisan, an update to the Andomise system to graphically improve the capability which has been built in from the start.


You can’t manage what you can’t measure (and vice versa)

There are plenty of reasons why the owners of content would like to know the usage statistics of their content files. I won’t list them all but they range from compliance of product information and brand to return on investment on content creation and much more.

Someone downloading a file is showing more interest and commitment than someone clicking a link to a page.  They are probably going to read it and maybe share with colleagues.

I will also add that knowing it hasn’t been used much or at all by customers or by your own people is equally valuable.   If your own people aren’t downloading the information you provide you are going wrong somewhere and probably wasting a lot of money.

In our own survey over 80% of content owners couldn’t measure who was using their content and a Gartner report suggested that over 90% of collateral is never used.

Unless you can measure it you can’t manage and improve … and if you aren’t managing and controlling the distribution you can’t measure it.


How do you count downloads?

Web services and URL services like Bitly will measure how often links to files were clicked. They don’t tell you if the file was downloaded, and you have all the effort of setting the URL for each file link.

You can set up your website to tell you the number of times a file that you uploaded to the site has been downloaded.   But then you have to do that separately for every website and portal where the file appears.

Email campaign software tells you how many emails were opened and how many links were clicked (and we assume downloaded but we don’t actually know).

And then you have all the times the files were shared by email with customers. Is anybody counting?

We have our own view on how to set up your content management and distribution so you can measure what’s viewed and downloaded. The techniques are not exclusive to Andomise but we have implemented them in a really easy way so you have no work to do.

Click here to see our recent eBook on the subject of “Content, content everywhere” and automating the processes of distribution and measurement.

It’s Andomise where the files are stored and it’s Andomise that tells us how many times a file is shared, viewed inside or outside the company and downloaded. The information is stored with every file for easy viewing.




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