For sales enablement – what content do you need?

A recent Linkedin survey of over 6,300 buyers, marketers and sales shows what content buyers rate important.

What content do you need to produce, manage and distribute for effective sales enablement?

A summary is that customers still rate the “what is it and what does it do” content most highly but your customer facing people need to have conversations that show real business value to engage customers.


Product based content

“The LinkedIn study indicates that for buyers, product info, features and functions are considered the most effective type of sales content (35% rating as a top-3 content type). Demos (31%) followed closely, ahead of best practices (20%) and case studies (19%).”

“In comparing buyers’ viewpoints with those of salespeople and marketers, the study notes that buyers are considerably more likely to see demos as effective while being less likely to consider case studies among the top-3 effective types of content.”


Knowledge based content

Less easy to produce and distribute, especially with limited resources, is the information and processes that involve educating and coaching the sales teams, especially channel partners, for the value based conversations that make buyers most willing to engage.

“When it comes to the most important factors for buyers’ willingness to engage with a vendor, the report shows that knowledge is key, with the following 4 reasons tightly bunched at the top:

  • Understands my company’s business model (26%);
  • Is a subject matter expert/thought leader (25%);
  • Provides valuable consultation, education or tools (25%); and
  • Knows my company’s products/services (25%).”


To see the original report go to : report


About the Data: The report is based on For this research, a survey of 6,375 buyers, marketers and salespeople in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. About half of the sample (3,210) were LinkedIn members, and the other half (3,165) were selected from Ipsos’ database (many of whom also are LinkedIn members). The surveys were in the field from July-August 2015. The targets were B2B buyers, marketers, and salespeople at mid-sized to enterprise companies around the globe.




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