What is Sales Enablement?

It may seem late to be asking this question, given how long we have been talking about it.  However, recent conversations with partners in the UK and the USA show that the term is used to mean so many different things that it’s a good idea to make it clear exactly what we are talking about when we use the term.

Our definition of what it is, which we share with many leading analysts, can be read on the  sales enablement landing page here.

It’s a set of disciplines and behaviours that help a company to close more business.  Content is a fundamental part of that.  Various content technology platforms and individual “point” applications support sales enablement services.

If you are selling product and/or services then it isn’t something that you either do or don’t do.  It’s something that you just do better and more of as your focus on it matures (and if you have more resources).




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